Emotional Freedom Techniques UK A Universal Aid to Emotional and Physical Relief   Rapid Release from Personal Issues, Performance Blocks, Addictions & Pain
Emotional Freedom Techniques UK EFT, emotional freedom techniques, Tapping, Edinburgh EFT helps war veterans EFT for war verterans EFT ‘could be used by the NHS’  BBC Report. EFT cures ME   Channel 5 report on spider phobia newspaper article. June 2010   EFT helps army veteran Can I tap myself? Here’s how…   Be prepared to persevere, working as much as you can on specific memories.. If in doubt as to how  to proceed please contact us The effectiveness of EFT in the treatment of PTSD -  a meta-analysis                                        Conclusive evidence of the                          effectiveness of EFT “The UK government has officially recommended EFT as worthy of govt research funds for trauma/PTSD”  We’re at a tipping point, that’s for sure! HowToTap EFT support for ex-army   The same support is on offer to ex-service veterans who need help. Free for the unwaged or those under financial hardship.